Construction is a massive $11 trillion dollar industry accounting for ~13% of the global GDP and it involves some of the most intricate bits-to-atoms challenges on the planet.

From datacenters and factories to commercial and residential construction, the planning, coordination, and execution of projects is an extremely complex undertaking.

Getting it right at all is difficult, and we want to help workers get it right the first time.

The demand for construction is growing and the industry is struggling from both labor shortages and a fragmented technology landscape. To put it simply, "tech" has yet to deliver on the promise of making the work cheaper, faster, or better.

My goal with Fieldworks is to leverage the latest AI advances to build Document Intelligence for the field. Unlocking information from construction drawings in a way that is actually useful to the people doing the work.

Fieldworks will start by making it easier to find and understand the information in the documents for real boots-on-the-ground workers.

If you're interested in learning more about Fieldworks or want to collaborate, please reach out to me at mike@fieldworks.ai.

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